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  • Tracy Newsom Garner's father (right) in the family's jewelry store, with a customer and employee. The jewelry store was a longtime fixture on Main Street in Troy. Photo courtesy Tracy Newsom Garner. 

    Tracy Newsom Garner: Love and loss (of a small, local business)

    Newsom’s Jewelers was a fixture on Main Street in Troy for almost 50 years.  Tracy Newsom Garner’s grandfather moved from High Point to start the business in 1952, following in the footsteps of his brothers, who’d opened jewelry stores in Salisbury and Denton.  His son, Charles, worked alongside him and took over the business when he died in 1972.
  • A compromise between town and country

     I was a preschooler with a bad case of eczema so my pediatrician sent us to an allergist in downtown Greensboro with an office on Elm Street.  Growing up in the Uwharries, I’d never laid my country eyes on anything so grand — block after block of offices and shops towering over the sidewalks. 
  • Everybody counts

    Everyone wants to be included and accounted for. This is no different for our homeless population, a group that often feels overlooked and ignored. Charlotte-Mecklenburg is doing their best to remedy this with their annual Point-In-Time Count. 
  • 2018 North Mecklenburg Demographic and Housing Assessment

    On February 4, 2019, the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute and Lake Norman Economic Development Corporation released the 2018 North Mecklenburg Demographic and Housing Assessment. This report presents the findings from a demographics and housing assessment for the northern part of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (North Mecklenburg).